About Pastor

Apostle Dr Jean Daniel Buthapati was born in Assorted Christian family of Baptist and Roman Catholic, He was brought up by a Roman Catholic Nun named Sister Superior Jean Claudius Louis. He is a Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. Apostle was also well known cricketer. Being a youngester, he believed in secularism and no discrimination against any religion in India, visiting several holy places regardless of their religion. In his young age he was a gangster, badly addicted to alcohol, and Cigarette Smoking. He had a very offensive lifestyle which made his family reject him and that situation made him go into depression. During that sate he got married to Padmini Priya from an Orthodox Anglican church whose faith was in Christ Jesus, the Bible and Prayers.

After getting married to Mr. Jean Daniel Buthapati ,Mrs.Jean Padmini faced tough challenges with her husband as he was adamant, a gangster, proud and he was very strong in the Roman catholic practices. But Mrs.Jean Padmini, the women of God never gave up, She stood strong in Prayers by Seeking God every day and Lifting her Husband before the throne of God as she strongly believes that “Prayers changes everything". She used to fast for her Husband every Saturdays for 3  years requesting God bring a change in the attitude of her husband and fill him with the Holy Spirit and made a commitment of giving him back to God for the Ministry. On 07-07-1991, in Evening between 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm, Jesus Christ visited Apostle Dr Jean Daniel and took him for Heavenly visitation. God filled Apostle with the Holy Spirit by placing his Hand and he started to speak in Tongues. Instantly Apostle Dr Jean Daniel Surrendered his Life to Christ Jesus, He repented and on 10-07-1991 and was Baptized. He completed his Bachelor Theology through Correspondence course from Trinity Bible School. During the early stage of ministry days Mrs. Jean Padmini Daniel worked for a school as a teacher by supporting the family as well as the ministry for around seven years. In the beginning of their ministry they were trained and encouraged by Bro. ALOK BENEDICT and team. God has blessed this couple with two Children’s who are Bible School Graduates from Eternal Life Ministries. Their Daughter Jean Sharon Shirlin got married to George Daniel and Son Jean Denzil Benhur Buthapathi got married to Grace Sunisha. Benhur is the Asst Pastor (Worship) and He handles most of the Ministry, Fellowships, Faith & Fire Connect Groups, Village ministry as well the “Isaiah 58: 7-8” Poor Feeding Ministry along with Apostle Dr Jean Daniel’s Spiritual Son Vivian Devraj who was trained by Apostle to be the Prophet as the Lord lead the Man of God.

God gave both Apostle Dr Jean Daniel and Mrs. Jean Padmini the Vision for the Ministry from Isaiah 58:12, Mark 16; 15-16, Isaiah 58: 7-8, They both were into training many Believers and Youth as Disciples since 1994, Their 1st batch of Disciples training school started with 8 members and now is a School of Discipleship giving teachings to its Disciples. The Spiritual children under Apostle Jean Daniel Who are supporting and carrying forward the vision of god given to the man of God are Pastor Ravi kumarkasi ,Vivian Devraj, Jean Denzil BenhurButhapati, Sharon George Daniels, Jean Angel, Tenali Raja(ARYA),Sunny Joel, Pastor G. Bhasker, Sis.Sheetal Cyril,  Pastor Balbir Masih ( Punjab)  Paster Paramjeet ( Punjab)  Pastor Sukhdev Singh ( Punjab) Rev. Rajinder Tindal (UK), Prophetess Jackie(UG), Pastor Moses(Uganda), William Kawooya(Uganda), Rev Ronald Sseruyange (Uganda) Pastor VIlasan &Shamila Pillai(SA), Rebecca Ankara(GH).

Apostle Dr Jean Daniel started his full time ministry from 10/06/2009. Before starting the full time ministry Apostle Dr Jean Daniel worked with various organizations like as Offshore Call Center as the Vice President, State Bank Credit Card Division as a Branch Manager, Reliance Granite as an Administration Manger and Sales Manager, Real Value Fire Extinguisher & FMGC company as a Territorial Manager. When the Holy Spirit spoke to him He resigned his Job and started Full time Ministry.

God has been using the Man of God in Five Fold Ministry. He is anointed to rebuild the broken hearts. The Broken Body of Christ of God according to the mantel Placed by God upon him Isa 58:12. He is given the power for Deliverance, Healing, And Spiritual Warfare for Nations. With the support and blessings of the Holy Spirit He isnow a Teacher, Revival Speaker, and Powerful Conference Speaker for Leaders, Pastors and Minister of the Word of God. God has been using him powerfully and Many Fellowships have witnessed mighty Revivals. God moves the Man of God in the demonstration of the Gifts of Holy Spirit, even the dead were raised by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Jean Daniel Buthapathi who once faced rejection from his very own family members.when Christ Jesus answered Mrs. Jean Padmini prayers for her husband and gave him a new life filled with Holy Spirit. And around 90% of his family members and Relatives were baptized by him. As the Bible says in the Gospel of John Chapter 1:40-45.

God has called him into Apostolic Ministry since the year 1996, But the Man of God was waiting and Learning the Apostolic Ministry under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, Till the Year 2014 when a Group of Apostles who were lead by the Holy Spirit to come Indian and Search for the Man of God from MIRACLE JENSEN ‘S WELFARE AND HEALING MINISTRY and Ordained the Man of God as Apostle in June 2014.