Our Mission

The mission of Victory of the Cross Ministries is to spread the Gospel across the world, make disciples everywhere, make a place to worship God anywhere in the world in their respective native language, help people globally towards growing faith, provide the healings for every sufferings, striving to deliver a qualitative life to everyone, and develop leaders all over the world aiming to make our mission successful in every corner of the world.

We wipe each tear of every disciple of all locations by reaching all their issues to the God, arranging domestic ministries and visiting global tours to spread the word of God and reach people for restorations of their losing by doing strong prayers, creating and spreading of various cell groups, bible studies, offering discipleships, extend our helping hands for the children’s in shelter, education, and various activities other activities like taking special part in sponsoring, Adopting villages and anything in the name of God that God wants us to do for his people.